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Old Soul Journaling

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Some of us old soul types can always use a place to put our daily thoughts and ideas down onto paper. What better place than these beautifully vintage styled journals.

vintage journal 3

They come in four styles with a touch of old Parisian design. Inside you will find three styles of paper; lined pages, grid on kraft paper and perforated blank sheets for those quick notes. The Musique styled one even comes with 122 pages of sheet music for that new tune you may be playing around with.

vintage journal 5


Two of my favourite things are vintage styles and a good sized notebook. With a total 288 pages, that should give you plenty of space to write to your heart’s content.  Come in and take a look at them.

- Francie


On the seventh day of December The Paper Place gave to me….. A notebook & Jonsey pen prize pack!!

Saturday, December 7th, 2013

Notebook Prize Pack!

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What do people do with this paper?

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

One of the questions we get asked all of the time is “what do people do with this paper”? One example would be the use of our chiyogami   paper used to cover these books. One is a lovely sized guest book and the other a sturdy journal. The guest book measures 7 x 9″ and has blank pages so your guests can add a personal message. The journal is 5 x 7″ and has blank pages to allow you to express your thoughts with words or drawings. I’m sure there is one covered in a pattern to suit your tastes.





It’s Bike Season!

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

Inspired by this lovely bike riding weather, and the MEC Bikefest that is happening across the street in the park… I share with you some of my favourite bike stuff from in store!

We have you covered for bike themed greeting cards with birthdays and blanks just for saying ‘Hello’.


This Cavallini & Co Vintage bike paper could be used to wrap a gift, cut up for craft or collage or just framed and put up on the wall. Any bike enthusiast would love it!

paper close up


Don’t forget to document your travels with an ‘On the Road’ journal, complete with bike shaped paper clips and matching mechanical pencil!

bike journal


Get out and get your ride on!


New Year, New Ideas, New Notebooks!

Sunday, January 6th, 2013

Happy 2013! While I’m not the type of person to take New Year’s resolutions very seriously, I do have one ritual that I perform every January: starting a new notebook. If you’re as obsessed with stationery as the rest of us Paper Place crew, then you probably have a dozen notebooks on the go at the same time (and a stack of blank ones that are just too pretty to write in, too!), but I do like to start a new one at the beginning of the year. This is usually a small, pocket-sized book that I carry around for twelve months to jot down ideas for new projects I’d like to work on throughout the year, new books and records and restaurants to check out, or whatever comes to mind while I’m roaming around the city. These new mini notebooks that we received from Paperways in Korea are just perfect for this purpose. They are inexpensive and colourful – exactly what everyone needs in January! – and have fantastic graphic patterned pages.

My favourite Paperways notebook  has a light, creamy cover and an orange and blue grid pattern inside (and it’s only $3.95!). The pages just happen to match my favourite roll of washi tape, so I used some to make page dividers.

Here’s to a productive 2013, filled with new ideas and projects!