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2011 in style – Part One: Calendars

Friday, November 26th, 2010

We have quite an enticing selection of calendars this year to help you ring in 2011. They make the perfect gift for those hard to buy for people on your list this holiday season.  Here is just a taste – take a look!!


Wood Parts

Tree Story & Paper Cutting

Kanami Masujima

Stretch Cat & Sweets

Colobockle Customize Calendar (with plenty of super fun stickers!!)

Hiroko Paper Cut Calendar

Green Story

Origami & Kirigami Page-A-Day

Atherton Lin 2011 – Across the Sea

Nikki McClure

An amazing calendar documenting the creation of our first love – Washi!!

Stay tuned for Part Two: Agendas……….


3D Pop-up Greeting Cards

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Handmade greeting cards always say it best. I try to make mine really special by using bits of unique paper and cardstock, but also by using different creative techniques to build the bones of the card.

3D Pop-up greeting card, horse design

3D Pop-up greeting card, horse design

3D Pop-up Greeting Cards by Keiko Nakazawa is a fantastic resource for some really impressive and beautiful pop-up cards.  Pop-up cards are dramatic, fun and a cool way to change up that same old basic card.  This book has 60 different designs for all occasions, with easy to use and follow templates and construction directions.

3D POP-UP GREETING CARDS by Keiko Nakazawa

3D POP-UP GREETING CARDS by Keiko Nakazawa

Another great idea is to try reducing the template size and using the mini pop-ups as place cards for table settings!

kirigami horse 3D pop-up card close up

Kirigami horse 3D pop-up card close up


Kirigami Paper Animals

Thursday, September 17th, 2009


Kirigami Menagerie

Kirigami Menagerie

Another book we love is Kirigami Menagerie, 38 Paper Animals to copy, cut and fold. It’s terrific! Kirigami is a combination of two Japanese words. Kiri means “cutting” and gami means “paper.” Simply photocopy the templates onto the paper of your choice, cut the image out, score along the dotted lines, fold and viola! The instructions are east to follow and you’ll fall in love with every animal you complete. Most of the animals are strong enough to stand alone, the flying ones require twine to hang. All you need is a little practice and in no time you will be able to turn a piece of paper into a 3D animal!


Kirigami Animals

Kirigami Animals