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Shout Out: Lindsay Zier-Vogel – Some Teaser Pics from our recent Embroidered Book Workshop!

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

On October 19th we hosted an Embroidered Hard Cover Book Workshop here at the store taught by the lovely & talented Lindsay Zier-Vogel.  Lindsay has posted a couple teaser pics on her website – take a peek.  And while you are there, check out some more of Lindsay’s inspiring work such as The Love Lettering Project.


Bookbinding workshop at Sister Writes with Lindsay Zier-Vogel

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

There’s an ‘aha’ moment when making books – the moment the glue and paper and illustration board become more than just glue and paper and illustration board. There’s a moment when it’s a book! And I never tire of that moment.

Earlier this summer, I was able to share that “aha” moment with a group of women through Sister Writes, a non-profit writing workshop for marginalized women in Toronto and man oh man, did we have fun!

The Paper Place donated the gorgeous Nepalese cover paper and we added bits of decorative paper to the covers.

It’s so much fun to be able to debunk the myth of bookmaking as being necessarily difficult or impossibly precise. We had such a wonderful morning and now this group of writers has a place for their newest work.

For more of Lindsay’s work, visit her website
For more about Sister Writes, please visit:


Handmade book for a three year old – by Lindsay Zier-Vogel

Monday, May 9th, 2011

photo book 1 - covers

One of my very favourite gifts when I was a kid was the board book my mom made me of all of the things my three-year-old self could do – swing, colour, kick soccer balls…so when my favourite three-year-old had a birthday recently, I decided that it was time to make him a “Rudi can…” book of his own.

photo book 2 - pages

I printed out photos, glued them onto coloured cardstock and in my very best printing wrote out descriptions under each picture. I then got the pages laminated (because if there’s one thing three-year-olds aren’t it’s easy on books!)

photo book 3 - pagesphoto book 4 - cover

For the cover, I cut some chiyogami into triangles, added a ribbon and stamped out “Rudi is three” in the corner.

photo book 5 - binding

To bind it all together, I used some brown linen tape (my new favourite thing!) and Chicago screws to hold all of the pages together.

photo book 6 - linen tape binding

Listening to my favourite three-year-old read his very own book to himself has been one of the highlights of my year so far!!

photo book 7 - rudi reading

Lindsay Zier-Vogel
writer, arts educator, book maker


Paper Treats for a Winter Picnic – by Lindsay Zier-Vogel

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

This winter has seemed like it will never end and has made picnic season feel like a figment of my imagination. So I decided to do away with dreams of sundresses and sunshine and replace them with dreams of snowpants and sunshine. Winter picnic time!
paper snowflakes I cut out paper snowflakes and hung them from the bare branches over our picnic blankets and for my intrepid, bundled picnickers, I made lootbags (because who doesn’t love getting a lootbag!!)

For the lootbags, I made paper garlands by sewing up paper circles on my sewing machine, and mini-bunting with paper triangles sewn to ribbon. So easy and so very festive!

I used brown paper lunch bags for the loot and sewed them up with a zig zag stitch across a doily – easy peasy! Also in the lootbags were gold star stickers, kazoos, and gingerbread s’mores and a sprinkle of good ol’ fashioned l-o-v-e.

More winter picnick-y fun here.

Lindsay Zier-Vogel


Lindsay Zier-Vogel – Bookmaking 2011!

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Looking back on 2009, I realized early in 2010 that my book making had petered out. I’d get ideas, but the execution of even a small run seemed daunting. But I missed it. To me, there’s nothing like that moment when a bunch of paper stuck together becomes a book. I’ve taught bookbinding in the school system for years, and that ‘aha’ moment is my very favourite moment of every single workshop. I never get sick of it.Lindsay Zier-Vogel Bookmaking

So in January of 2010, I decided that I would make one book a month, just one. Of course, I ended up making small runs every now and then, but the goal was just one, and it was totally manageable. In fact, it was exciting – I’d spend the month thinking, gathering, collecting and sketching out ideas. It was a far more thoughtful process than my previous manic-crazy-run-out-of-paper-mid-way-through-book-making adventures.

Truth be told, many books got made at midnight on the 31st of the month, but I still did it, a book every single month. And I pushed myself to experiment with different ideas I’d often been meaning to play with – paper cutting, letterpressing and pop-ups (still need to play around more with this one!).

Looking at them all now, it’s clear that I am smitten with Nepalese paper for its forgiving nature and almost fabric-like texture. I also love St. Armand paper. It cuts like a dream, and holds letterpressed ink like nobody’s business.

I’m going to continue the book-a-month project in 2011. I was thinking I should push myself and try new papers…and I will, but I’m going to focus on collaborations this year. Songwriter-photographer-fibre-and-art friends, beware!

Happy making. 2011’s going to be a good one, I can feel it!

ps: here’s a run down of my 2010 books