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More Paper Projects!!

Friday, April 11th, 2014

I collected a lot of boxes over the holidays and they were hiding under my bed for quite a while. Being the crafter that I am, I couldn’t just throw them out because that would be tossing a potential project. “I’ll use them eventually”, I said. But let’s face it…they were pretty ugly boxes.

Uncovered Boxes

Uncovered Boxes

I was obviously going to cover them in paper, but which ones. There are so many options and it took me several days to figure it out (my co-workers can attest to that). I eventually chose a few different papers in a grey and black colour scheme.

The Final Papers

The Final Papers

I chose a decorative Chiyogami to add a bit of colour, two solid colour Nepalese papers in Black and Pebble, one Momi in Slate, one text weight paper in Gravel and one Linen Lightweight in Pewter. It was a bit trial and error when it came to how to fold everything properly and when it came to using the right adhesive. But overall, I am very happy with the results.

Awesome Boxes!!!

Awesome Boxes!!!

My brand new boxes are now proudly on display and hiding all of my junk. Yay!!!





Back to School!

Saturday, September 14th, 2013



It’s that time of year again! Summer has finally dwindled to an end and school is in session.

While students all over the country are dragging their feet back into classrooms, we are dedicating this back-to-school post to all the students heading to (or returning to) colleges and universities.

Here at The Paper Place we have gathered together a plethora of goodies that will brighten up those drab dorm rooms and dingy student houses as well as make lecture-note taking more exciting!

photo 1


We have a wide selection of lined-paper journals that are absolutely perfect for note taking! We have a bunch with graph paper inside, ready for recording charts, graphing stats, designing typographic faces, etc. There are some eco-friendly options available too, made of recycled paper products and printed with soy-based inks.

photo 2


Going hand-in-hand with your new journal is a new fun pen or pencil! Ranging from black archival-quality pigments to vintage-paper inspired cat pencils, there is something here to suit the whims of every student. So many cute writing utensils, and so many fun patterns and colours.

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 3.07.22 PM


When it comes to decorating dorm room walls with something other than photos and movie posters, we have you covered!  Why not buy a vintaged kitty poster, or an illustrated map of paris? We have letter-pressed posters of vintage cameras, constellation charts and arrows (the bow-and-arrow kind). Or hang garlands of delicate nepalese paper in bird shapes and butterflies, animals and solar systems. Bring some colour and life to those dull walls!

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 3.07.40 PM


Finally, how to hang those posters when faced with the do-not-nail-into-the-wall rule? Easy. We have a complete spectrum of colours and patterns of washi tape! And the best thing about washi tape (besides the fact it is beautiful) it doesn’t mar the walls; it doesn’t take paint off or tear wallpaper, nor does it really leave residue.

For those students that finally have houses with friends, we have tons of magnets you can stick on your fridge and hold up photos of the last few years of school. Pins to hang calendars and posters, even some Rob Ryan plates to eat off of. Lots of treasures to decorate your desk space too – come on over to the store and see!




The Paper Place


Gorgeous New Patterned Kraft Papers from Nepal!!

Friday, April 13th, 2012

We recently received a large restock shipment of our beautiful Nepalese papers.  We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with our supplier to create custom colour combinations just for us.  I was inspired by one of our existing papers that was printed in a chalky white on a kraft coloured background and decided to have some other patterns printed in that combination.

We are very pleased with the results.  We added some turquoise/kraft coloured patterns into the ladder for a bit of colour – what do you think?


Bookbinding workshop at Sister Writes with Lindsay Zier-Vogel

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

There’s an ‘aha’ moment when making books – the moment the glue and paper and illustration board become more than just glue and paper and illustration board. There’s a moment when it’s a book! And I never tire of that moment.

Earlier this summer, I was able to share that “aha” moment with a group of women through Sister Writes, a non-profit writing workshop for marginalized women in Toronto and man oh man, did we have fun!

The Paper Place donated the gorgeous Nepalese cover paper and we added bits of decorative paper to the covers.

It’s so much fun to be able to debunk the myth of bookmaking as being necessarily difficult or impossibly precise. We had such a wonderful morning and now this group of writers has a place for their newest work.

For more of Lindsay’s work, visit her website
For more about Sister Writes, please visit:


Origami Pinwheels!

Friday, May 27th, 2011

To celebrate the spring and sunny days I decided to create my own pinwheels. All you need is a little paper, straws, and a pin.


I chose some brightly coloured nepalese paper, paper straws, and craft brads; it came together so quickly!

It’s a great craft idea to go along with a day in the park and some ice cream.
Have fun!