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All that glitters…

Friday, July 18th, 2014

As a lover of all things gold and shiny, and of design from the early 20th century, I am glad  to see Art Deco inspiration still going strong for stationery this year! We recently got some new items for all of those who still enjoy writing things by hand…


I love having boxed cards around the house. Usually a more economical choice than individual greetings cards. It’s nice to have a supply laying around for those unexpected last minute birthday parties, also (as I can tell you from experience) a random unexpected hand written note in the mail is pretty exciting! These cards are black and white with gold foil details and pretty gold envelopes. Pick a bright coloured Le Pen to write your note, seal it up with washi tape, and you’re set


The trend carries over to more personal stationery items as well. These pretty foiled journals are the perfect size to carry with you and maybe for an unexpected moment to journal in the park. Of course, we also have matching pencils… cause why not?


Naturally… it all comes back to the paper. Our Nepalese hand screened papers also come in a variety of art deco inspired prints with metallic pigments. Great for wrapping something special, embellishing invites or as a hanging print.

Stay Gold!



A little inspiration…

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

One thing you hear a lot from customers at The Paper Place is “What do you use all this paper for?” The answer is… well almost anything you can think of really. We carry many types of handmade and machine made papers people use for booking binding, origami, details in invitations for weddings…. the uses seem varied and infinite!

We also carry lots of quirky stationery, greeting cards, office supplies and small gift items! I thought it would be fun to pick some of my favourite papers in the store, and match some of our smaller items with them. Perfect for a little inspiration, or maybe a gift idea for a paper lover!

IMG_0452One of the most popular types of paper we sell is our Japanese Chiyogami papers which are silk screened with various designs on Kozo paper. We carry over 600 designs in store, and 900 on our online store! This one is newer to the store and one of my favourites, the background a beautiful mint colour and printed with layers of metallic cranes. We carry lots of little sample packs of different paper, such as this Japanese Paper Sampler, if you are shy of commitment to a full sheet. I chose a Katazome postcard with a beautiful floral print and matched it with a gold envelope and some Japanese brass pens and pencils to write and send some snail mail!


IMG_0445The nautical trend is always popular on the Runway for spring, but you can find some sailing inspired items in our store too! This Japanese Katazome paper is stencil printed with this rope pattern. I chose a letterpress notebook printed with all things beachy. If your giving a sea themed gift, don’t forget a laser cut card and some Jones paper pens to jot down a love note with.


IMG_0444We don’t only carry paper from Japan in store. We just received a new stock of patterned paper from Germany. Fun geometrics patterns come in wrapping sheets, journals (as pictured) origami paper and other little treasures. We are also restocked with popular clutch pencils and heavy brass sharpeners. Why not pair those with this cute embroidered pencil case?


IMG_0455Spring is in the air… and this modern printed wrap is leaving us hopeful for warmer weather. This chartreuse Ted Baker journal emulates the leather work on a pair of brogues. Some colourful and fun washi tape and some fine felt tip Le Pens make a lovely set!


IMG_0443Our Nepalese handmade papers come in many patterns and colour ways as well. This pattern printed in black on kraft paper has a bit of a creepy vintage feel. A Parisian inspired notebook, a luxurious set of Black Wing pencils and these pencil sharpeners made from vintage spools of thread. Top that off with a card that doubles as a palm reading guide, how fun is that!

– Jo



Keep Warm This Winter

Saturday, December 28th, 2013


Stay warm this January with these incredible matches that have recently arrived at The Paper Place. They are perfect for lighting a cozy fire or keeping the romance burning by lighting some candles on a cold January night. They would also make a great host gift for any upcoming New Year’s Eve parties. They are available in so many different designs so come in and check them out.


Cheers and stay toasty.



Keep The Parties Coming…

Friday, September 27th, 2013

Even though summer is winding to a close, parties still have to happen!!! The Paper Place has all of those finishing details to make your party or event really be special and memorable. We carry everything from little tiny goodie bags to tissue paper pom-poms to paper straws.


Come on in and check it out the massive selection of goodies!!! Yay!!!


These awesomely weird Honest Boy and Unicorn Party Picks have just arrived in the store!! Add them to your party because who doesn’t love unicorns!!


The Birch Paper Straws are back!! These are biodegradable and compostable. We also carry straws in many other colours and patterns.


These wooden utensils add a unique, earthy aspect to any party. You can decorate them as well if you are feeling creative. Completely compostable and natural.


Use our packaged tags as place cards or gift tags and these little bitty bags for sending your guest home with something sweet!! Both items come in a range of colours and patterns.


So take a trip down to Queen Street and visit us to prepare for your next party, whether it’s Thanksgiving, Halloween or dare I say it…Holiday Parties.



The Paper Place


Crepe Paper Flowers

Friday, August 16th, 2013

Crepe paper has recently arrived to The Paper Place in 31 gorgeous colours!!! Oh the crepe paper possibilities!!! The sheets are very large and measure 20 x 90 inches and they are sold for $2.00 a sheet in the store.

Once I saw it, I immediately wanted to make crepe paper flowers. Crepe paper flowers are another way to add everlasting floral element and a bit of nature to any space. Many people are using crepe paper flowers at weddings as an alternative to real thing. I think they are equally as beautiful and a very economical (yet a little time consuming) option. They are much more durable than real flowers and will hold up during lengthy festivities. They can be matched to your event style and colours and you can have whatever flowers you want regardless of the season.

Dennison Crepe Paper Company has been creating crepe paper since 1922 and that is where our paper is from. We found the vintage instructions and templates online from books that have been scanned. Scroll down to the very bottom of the PDF file to find the templates and browse through tons of different flowers.

You may find a more modern set of instructions but we think the original, vintage ones are very cool. Here’s the link below:

What you will need:

-Crepe paper in a few different colours (I got about five so I could experiment)

-1 Roll of floral tape


-Cloth wrapped floral wire

-Petal and leaf templates (downloaded from the link above)

Simply follow the instructions from the slides and you’ll be turning out flowers like nobody’s business. I ended up making the dahlia (continuous petal method) and tulip (single petal method) and put them in a vase for a bedroom bouquet. I am so excited to try out more colours from our selection and make more lovely flowers. Here are a few photos from my flower making session. Enjoy!!!

Downloaded templates

Downloaded templates


Dahlia Stamen

Dahlia Stamen

Flower before curling process

Flower before curling process

The beginning of the curling, flower is starting to form.

The beginning of the curling, flower is starting to form.

The completed flowers!!

The completed flowers!!

– Leah