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Calendars, Agendas and Planners, oh my!

Friday, December 16th, 2011

I am a little late in doing our calendar post this year. There are a few styles that flew off the shelves (almost literally) and are sold out but we still have loads of amazing calendars and agendas from Japan and some of our favourite artists.

Celebrate each month in 2012 with a sweet treat or delicious latte!

Perfect for cat and dog lovers!  We are out of some of the styles but still have mini cats, sitting and sleeping Bull dogs and mini Chihuahuas!

These Kinpro and Yoshie calendars from Japan are beautiful and come with a matching pouch for stationery supplies or toiletries.

We are huge fans of Katie Muth here at the store and now you can treat yourself (or a friend) to a piece of Katie’s unique work each month.

Nikki McClure is known for her beautiful and intricate paper-cut artwork.  This calendar is a celebration of her incredible talent and is a true joy!

We have two versions of these unique slide calendars – each month you pop up a new tab and get to enjoy the featured artwork that month!

A calendar and a snowglobe?  A match made in heaven?  Definitely!

Every year we bring in these beautiful Serizawa calendars.  Keisuke Serizawa was a textile desginer who was designated as a Living National Treasure by the Japanese government for his katazome stencil dying technique.

This Travel Tag inspired calendar would make a perfect gift for the world traveler!  Peel back the tag each month while you are planning your next big adventure.

This 2012 Scheduler is a clean, contemporary option that includes a hanging bar for wall mounting.

A desk sized scheduler, available in white and grey, is a perfect stylish way to keep everything organized.

We also have a large selection of 2012 Agendas.  We currently have select designs from Moleskine, Leuchtturm, Cavalinni, Paperblanks, Jill Bliss and many from Japan as well.

We leave you with these stunning agendas showcasing the artwork of Yoshitomo Nara that feature a zip pouch to store all your bits in.  The Matryoshka style also has this unique pouch – very handy!


2012 Dayplanners… Coming Soon!

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Look out for a great selection of beautiful new 2012 agendas appearing on our shelves in the coming weeks!

Pictured above: Paperblanks 2012 Dayplanner


2011 in style – Part Two: Agendas

Monday, November 29th, 2010

As promised, here is a sneak peak at our eclectic collection of planners/agendas. Move quickly – they are going fast!!

Beautiful Leather Petit Prince & Alice in Wonderland Refillable Planners

Aurore Daybook with whimsical illustrated inner pages

Sweet Japanese Paper-Cut Planner

Shinzi Katoh Agendas

Playful ‘Thank You’ Planner

Our charming and unique Weekly Paper pad from Japan!

Coffee Daybook

Cat Daybook

Moleskine’s 12 Colour-a-month Notebooks

Jill Bliss Floral Leaves Datebook

Paperblanks Slim Format Agenda