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New Year, New Crafts!

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

New Year’s is a time for self-reflection and, in an effort to improve upon the previous twelve months, resolutions are often made. Many of us at The Paper Place are ambitious in our art project planning throughout the year–so much so that, at times, the end of the year is accompanied by the realisation that not all of our projects were brought to fruition!

This year, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to get an early start on some of the artful endeavours I’ve been fantasizing about since last year. Many of them are timely and have even helped to commemorate the fun I had tying up 2011.

Making your own picture frame is fun and fairly simple given the online materials that books like Paper + Craft supply you with. Photo frames are great when paired with all of the fun pictures you snapped over the holiday season. Take a look at this one of my best friend, Belinda, and I!

Making this frame was as easy as selecting one 8 1/2 x 11 ” piece of card stock and two same-sized pieces of paper weight. From the wide variety of material The Paper Place carries, I chose black for the card stock, “paper bag” for one of the pieces of paper, and “linen ivory lightweight” for the second. From there I downloaded templates from the Paper + Craft link above, layered my frame cut-outs, and added a playful safety pin detail using a paper punch. Divine Twin is a great way to hang my framed photo as it isn’t very heavy.

Even though many parties occurred during the month of December, January finds us with plenty of reasons to celebrate, including Chinese New Year, a new job, or a new baby in the family! Why not adorn wine, juice, or water glasses during social gatherings with silhouette animal glass markers? They are playful and help you remember which glass is yours!

I made these using black card stock, animal stencils, and an X-Acto knife. The cut-outs can be adhered using Yamato rice paste with no harm to your glassware as the adhesive is water-soluble and non-toxic. Alternatively, double-sided tape will do the trick!

Speaking of silhouettes, many brides-to-be have begun to come in to plan and design their wedding invitations. I always like to give my dear friends a black paper-cut silhouette wedding portrait to capture such an exciting and memorable event in life. Starting early is key if I have learned anything over the years, so January isn’t too soon to start planning to collect materials and tools! Take a look at the last two I executed!

From all of us at The Paper Place, best of luck in 2012 and take the new year as inspiration to plan so fun, artsy projects!


Handmade book for a three year old – by Lindsay Zier-Vogel

Monday, May 9th, 2011

photo book 1 - covers

One of my very favourite gifts when I was a kid was the board book my mom made me of all of the things my three-year-old self could do – swing, colour, kick soccer balls…so when my favourite three-year-old had a birthday recently, I decided that it was time to make him a “Rudi can…” book of his own.

photo book 2 - pages

I printed out photos, glued them onto coloured cardstock and in my very best printing wrote out descriptions under each picture. I then got the pages laminated (because if there’s one thing three-year-olds aren’t it’s easy on books!)

photo book 3 - pagesphoto book 4 - cover

For the cover, I cut some chiyogami into triangles, added a ribbon and stamped out “Rudi is three” in the corner.

photo book 5 - binding

To bind it all together, I used some brown linen tape (my new favourite thing!) and Chicago screws to hold all of the pages together.

photo book 6 - linen tape binding

Listening to my favourite three-year-old read his very own book to himself has been one of the highlights of my year so far!!

photo book 7 - rudi reading

Lindsay Zier-Vogel
writer, arts educator, book maker