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body-uncon: how long has this been going on

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

We are thrilled to announce that our very own Nick Rubi is having a show of his drawings and collages at Type Books (next door to us)! Nick’s work will be on view from May 26th to June 26, 2011. Opening night is Thursday May 26, 2011. Check it out.

Type Books is pleased to present “body un-con: how long has this been going on” an exhibition by Toronto artist Nick Rubi. “body-uncon” showcases Nick’s unique and dramatic perspective on the female form within the unconventionality of the fashion world. The show is composed of drawings and collages from Nick’s collection of works that reveal his interpretation of women, their objectification and how they are portrayed in fashion publications.

Recently, Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue magazine commented on how fashion has taken a turn from “body-conscious” dressing to “body-unconscious” dressing, revealing the way women have changed their emphasis on their bodies, the way they dress and the new silhouette that covers them. In “body-uncon” Nick shows his artistic view of body shape and this distinctly new proportional way of dressing. Nick’s use of line and innate sense of design and space infuses all of his work. His work is highly aesthetically driven and filled with humour and playfulness. Each piece evokes conversation without seeking approval.

“When I was going through all of my drawings, I realized there were many references to fashion magazines and ideas of both covering and exposing the body. Presenting them in a venue with as much character as Type was an idea that was irresistible and conjured up images of Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face. After all, her character’s transformation into an unconventional beauty started in a bookstore.” – Nick


“Sown In Washi” – a new series of artwork by Judith Rudoler

Friday, October 8th, 2010

“Sown In Washi”
by Judith Rudoler

on display
at the artist’s studio every
Sunday in November!

198 Walnut Avenue, Unit #9
(south of Queen Street at Trinity Bellwoods, behind The Paper Place)

Opening Reception
Thursday, October 28th

Artist Statement:

Everything I do starts with paper.  Currently, my work ends with stitched-paper collage. In between, however, are many hours of handling, preparing, and manipulating paper, my raw material.  My work uses Washi, a handmade, pure fibre, Japanese paper, a traditional handicraft whose industry is slowly dying and methods are being lost.

My process begins with the finest kozo Washi.  Each sheet is divided and then dyed according to my mood and the requirements for the desired final piece.  Bowls of pigmented water prepared, I then work the dyes into paper creating layers of colour.  Once dyed I use konnyaku, a starch derived from Devil’s Tongue Root, to further strengthen the paper and create texture.  Best known in Japan as an edible product, konnyaku, is also traditionally used to make kamiko, paper clothing.  The fragility of untreated washi contrasted with the strength of the treated product makes this part of the process most satisfying.  Upon completion I am presented with a world of possibilities, dozens of differently textured and coloured sheets of paper hanging to dry in anticipation of the final piece.

Each piece itself is born of an idea, a photograph, or a drawing that I manipulate in Adobe Photoshop.  For this series my subject is the urban garden.  I transform the image into a map that will guide me to cut and then stitch each fragment of paper into a final piece.  Individually altered papers cut and torn asunder, later to be reassembled results in a patchwork of colour and texture. For this I use my old Bernina sewing machine. The final piece is paper and thread.  It is, however, much more.  It is also a love of the colour palette, of light, and of texture.  The process takes me from handmade paper, upon which a series of treatments have been applied by hand, into a digital environment and then out again.  The final piece exhibits the aesthetics of both worlds: at once distinctly traditional and modern.


Frankenstein, Enter In-store to Win!

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

The Canadian Stage Company is presenting “Frankenstein” showing April 29th – May 29th/10.  The production’s sets and costumes are made entirely of paper. In celebration, The Paper Place has donated a selection of paper for an exhibit. It will be displayed across the windows at the Bluma Appel theatre for the duration of the production. Visit us in-store by May 14th and enter to win:

•   Two Tickets to the show

•   $100 Dinner Package

•   A Gift Certificate to The Paper Place