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Red and Pink Everywhere!

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, The Paper Place is sweet on all things pink, red and lovey dovey. Wether you have a significant other in your life, an amazing friend or maybe an amazing cat, we have some fun little tokens of love for everyone!

Firstly, I present to you the classic box of Valentines cards with a twist; Scratch and Sniff! Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than strawberry scented desserts! Keeping with the scratch surprise theme we also have adorable little heart-shaped notes that reveal secret messages of admiration. If you are planning on showing someone you care with small treats this February 14th we also carry a set of six matchboxes with playful Valentines graphics and patterned bitty bags, perfect for chocolate-better yet truffles.

valentine box


Looking for a Valentine’s Day card? We have stocked up on lots of lovely single cards for your special someone. Check out these cheeky and heart warming options!

valentine cards


If you are looking to craft your own declarations of love this year, we have convenient packs of red flat cards with pretty scalloped edges. We have endless supplies at the store to fancify your Valentines- like these cute heart stickers embellished with little arrow graphics. And why not tuck a small surprise into the envelope of your card? This sparkly Tattly heart temporary tattoo is the perfect size and straight up fun!



I hope this post has inspired everyone to spread the love this February 14th and show the special people in your life how much they mean to you. May your Valentine’s Day be filled with cinnamon hearts!


Feeling in the holiday crafting mood? We have kits for that!

Friday, November 22nd, 2013


If you’re anything like me, you have the best intentions to be crafty around the holiday season, but are also so so busy! We have lots of craft supplies in the store, the handmade holiday options are endless. To make your holiday projects a little easier, we have lots of craft packs to help you make gifts and decorations if you don’t have a lot of time.


These make your own garland packs are a quick and easy decorative craft. White snowflake garlands have a clean modern feel, and the pine cone garland has a more rustic feel, with a little sparkle! No scissors or glue needed! These are great crafts for kids!


Christmas crackers are one of my favourite holiday dinner traditions, but more times then not the gifts inside them are lack lustre. Impress your dinner guests with personalized crackers. Gift cards, gourmet candies even jewellery! Put anything you want in them, as long as it’s mini. (ps we have an amazing collection of miniature stuff in the store too!

One of our most popular items this time of year are our make your own card packs. Ten blank cards and envelopes all packed up and ready for you to customize! They come in a variety of sizes too!


Our section of holiday stickers and paper cut outs make custom card a little easier too! Delicate white snowflakes, fun peppermint candies, snowmen with a vintage feel or my personal favourite, gold and silver antlers from Dresden Trims! We have an amazing selection!


Of course, the perfect way to finish your custom cards is with fun writing tools! Gel pens are perfect from writing on dark paper, as are metallic Sharpies! A customer favourite are the Le Pens, a fine japanese felt tip marker that comes in a rainbow of colours!

There are lots of more quick craft options in the store! We have also recently put out all our single christmas cards and gift wrap supplies! Also make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter for product updates!


The Holiday Season Has Arrived At The Paper Place

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

We have recently been getting into the Holiday spirit here at The Place Paper and are celebrating all things Christmas and all things crafty! All of our Holiday craft items are out on display so come on in and get creative ideas for decorating and gifting this season.



Make your own cards using stickers and our Make Your Own Card Packs (available in several sizes)

Make your own cards using stickers and our Make Your Own Card Packs (available in several sizes)

Stamps and stamp pads for decorating everything!!!

Stamps and stamp pads for decorating everything!





Make your own Christmas crackers!!

Make your own Christmas crackers!


Gift bags and gift tags to make your gifts look super pretty!!

Gift bags and gift tags to make your gifts look super pretty!


Come on in and check out our pretty holiday tables. More holiday items are being added daily. Be super awesome and stop by!

Happy Decorating,













New Paper, New Cards

Friday, May 24th, 2013

We’ve recently added some new papers, tissues and cardstocks to our collection available instore.  I love making cards for any and all occasions; sometimes I like to send cute handmade cards to pen pals instead of a plain old letter.  I used some of the new Japanese Decorative papers and Cardstock to make a bunch of different cards this week.

add a liner

There are different ways to add a little something extra personal to your cards.  You don’t have to stop decorating at the card.  I added custom envelop liners, one with some washi tape bunting to one to match it’s card.  I decorated the cards using washi tape, paper punches, rubber stamps and a hand cut silhouette detail.  I used (from left to right) the Kin Sunago Teal, Peacock, and Sudare Aurora White for these cards.

liners close up

I love the pale confetti bits and shimmer in the Sudare Aurara White.


I decorated the front of the envelopes for these cards.  I also made a mini sized card to give a friend in person (it’s not a mailable size).  Our blank Table Setting Cards with a Bitty Bags (both available instore) make a great mini card and envelope set.  I use our Flora and Fauna stamp set, stickers, rubber stamps and paper cutouts to decorate.  The paper I used (from left to right) Kin Sunago Azuki, Roketsu Gold, and a mix of all the new papers for these cards.

front close up

I think the Roketsu Gold is beautifully simplistic.  I didn’t want to add too much to this card and mainly let the paper speak for itself.


I decorated the flaps of the envelopes for these cards.  For one I used a different coloured paper with a new Vintage Letterpress stamps to match it’s card.  I added some new stickers to the flap of the other envelope for a little extra sparkle too.  I used (from left to right) Imaizumi, Pearlized Filigree on Champagne, and the Tanabata Cardstock for these cards.

flap close up

The Imaizumi is great if you’re looking for a pearlized white paper with an organic woodgrain/rippling water effect.  It’s one of those papers that it easy to match if you just wanna add a little bit of decorative paper to your card.



New from Knot & Bow

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

We recently received a box of goodies from Brooklyn-based wrap and accessories company, Knot & Bow. We’re excited to get some projects going with our new supplies… read on to see what we’ve got!

Gold and Silver Glitter Twine

Library Cards (We have these in green and white)

Me & You pencils – gold engraved natural pencils

Gold foil award ribbon stickers

Starburst Seals (We have these in kraft, gold foil and silver foil.)

Photos courtesy of Knot & Bow.