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How-To: Exquisite Tea Favors in Yummy Paper Packages!!

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Just up the street from us is one of my favourite shops – Tealish. While I was there the other day ordering some tea, I thought what a wonderful wedding favor it would be and starting thinking about ways you could package it. I had something translucent in mind and remembered our remarkable Waterproof Watermark Tissues that can be fused together to create custom bags or packages. I added a few finishing touches and was very pleased with the results.

Cherry Blossom Tea Packet

What you will need:

Waterproof Watermark tissue
Decorative Papers (I used Chiyogami 805)
Printer compatible paper for labels
Cutting mat and knife
Sewing machine or needle & thread
Tea (to match the Chiyogami I used Sakura Cherry Rose)

1. Cut your tissue to the desired size; remember it has to fold over on itself to create the bag. I cut mine to 3.5 x 8.5”

Watermark Tissue Piece

2. Heat your iron up – I used a medium setting but you may have to experiment to find the right one for your iron.  Fold your paper in half.  I wanted the side seams to be uniform so I created a guide for ironing by drawing a line on regular printer paper. Cover your tissue with the printer paper and iron your seam keeping within your guideline.

Seam Guide

Repeat on the other side – now you have a perfect little bag for your tea!

waterproof watermark tissue bag

3. Fill the bag with tea. I used 2 teaspoons per bag, enough for 2 cups of tea.
4. Create your label and cut them out. I selected Kozuke White paper because of its lovely translucent quality.
5. Cut your decorative paper strips. I cut mine to 1.5×3.5” to fold over the top.


6. Line up your label and decorative paper and run through the sewing machine, or hand sew if you do not have access to a machine.


7. Voila! Perfect little favors for a wedding, shower or give as a lovely hostess gift. The possibilities are endless…..

Sakura Cherry Rose

A spin on this idea! Perfect for a summer wedding, I picked three different fruit teas (Lemon Meringue Rooibos, Wild Blueberry Rooibos and Tulsi Orange Herbal Tea) and paired them with our vibrant Katazome papers. Inside of folding the paper over the top, I just used a strip, modified the label layout a bit and left the strings hanging loose!

Katazome Tea Packets