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Popsicle Valentine’s Day Cards

Monday, February 9th, 2015

Every year I always try to make fun Valentine’s cards for my close girl friends.  It started when the majority of us were all single and has just kept on going through the years.  This year I made some fun retro inspired popsicle cards.


I used cardstock and covered them with our Candyflake papers and popsicle sticks.  You can break them apart to reveal the message inside.


Hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day!



Red and Pink Everywhere!

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, The Paper Place is sweet on all things pink, red and lovey dovey. Wether you have a significant other in your life, an amazing friend or maybe an amazing cat, we have some fun little tokens of love for everyone!

Firstly, I present to you the classic box of Valentines cards with a twist; Scratch and Sniff! Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than strawberry scented desserts! Keeping with the scratch surprise theme we also have adorable little heart-shaped notes that reveal secret messages of admiration. If you are planning on showing someone you care with small treats this February 14th we also carry a set of six matchboxes with playful Valentines graphics and patterned bitty bags, perfect for chocolate-better yet truffles.

valentine box


Looking for a Valentine’s Day card? We have stocked up on lots of lovely single cards for your special someone. Check out these cheeky and heart warming options!

valentine cards


If you are looking to craft your own declarations of love this year, we have convenient packs of red flat cards with pretty scalloped edges. We have endless supplies at the store to fancify your Valentines- like these cute heart stickers embellished with little arrow graphics. And why not tuck a small surprise into the envelope of your card? This sparkly Tattly heart temporary tattoo is the perfect size and straight up fun!



I hope this post has inspired everyone to spread the love this February 14th and show the special people in your life how much they mean to you. May your Valentine’s Day be filled with cinnamon hearts!


Love is a Doing Word

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

I once read somewhere that love is not only a feeling, it must also be an action. If you love someone, you must act with love, make it demonstrable–tangible.

blog 01bright

In my world, this does not mean jewelry, fancy dinners, or ritual sacrifice to some serpent-headed god of the underworld–it’s the little things. Picking you up when it’s cold outside, giving you a shoulder rub because you’ve started to develop the hunched-over-the-computer neck-hump, and leaving you little notes describing, in detail, the extent of their love.

So let’s do that last one.

blog 01c

For this exercise, I suggest for each of the fourteen days leading up to Valentine’s Day, to write a note to your special person (or cat, that is legit.) and leave it somewhere they will find it. Though maybe not their pants, because they might just wash those. Sometime. I hope. Good places: taped to their coffee cup, tucked in their wallet, under their glasses on the nightstand, in with their lunch, etc.

blog 02c

This is the time to say what you really feel. Some examples I’ve come up with:

I’ve grown tolerant of your face.
You are very special. Like a duck-billed-platypus.

As you can see, you just need to tap into your own warm and fuzzy heart and the words will come. Let your love shine.

Any paper and envelope will do, but for my set, I’ve gotten a little crafty and, since they don’t need to be mailed, tiny. What you will need:

– 2 sheets ivory card stock cut into business card size (the yield is 9 per 8.5×11″ sheet, so it gives you wiggle room if you mess up).
– 14 baby envelopes. I’ve chosen Ivory, Paper Bag and Fuchsia.
– An assortment of Washi tape to decorate. (here I worked with pink stripe, red stripe, red dot on white, grey dot on white, white dot on navy, gold alphabet on white, black alphabet on white, and coral… because I have all of these lying around.)
– A heart-punch for the envelopes, to show a bit of the love (in this case, the Washi-tape decoration) through.

blog 03b

Because I hate waste, and I think these notes are too pretty and full of love and effort to just throw out I suggest you punch small holes into the cards and hang them from some twine–make your own garland full of affection and hang it somewhere just for the two of you. (Don’t rub it in.)

Save the punched-envelopes to be filled again next year with new notes, make this a sweet little tradition!




Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers! Cards Galore!

Monday, February 13th, 2012

For most people, celebrating Valentine’s Day involves giving at least one person a card. With the variety of cute and sweetly designed cards at The Paper Place, your Valentine for 2012 does not have to be limited to your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse. How about sending mumsy a card? Or maybe your little brother, who is overseas at school? What if your best friend is the person you really want to send some love to this year? Well, take a peek at these cards–perfect for any deserving recipient!

Either of these cards is perfect for a best friend, a sibling, or maybe good old granny. A little note of love that is decorative, floral, and kind!

These two cards are inflected with a sentiment closer to romantic love, but can work equally well for partners, friends, and family. Having hearts in the design will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Finally, sometimes whimsical design and a cute catch phrase delivers your Valentine’s Day sentiment best. This pair of cards is best kept for lovers! Telling your special person how they make you feel on a daily basis is as darling as the glasses and birds in the respective cards’ designs.

With love in the air over the next week, I can’t see a better reason to nab a pretty note, scrawl something mushy, and pass on my appreciation of those I adore!


Hearts can travel through the mail!

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

As soon as I saw this pink, red and white twine I knew some mini Valentines were just waiting to be crafted. First, I typed little messages in red on heavy weight paper, then I sewed hearts around the messages. The hearts turned out a little lopsided, but sometimes those imperfections make things sweeter. I tucked them into tiny pink and white patterned bags and sealed them with gorgeous floral washi tape.

I hope your mailboxes are filled with love this Valentine’s Day!


Items available at The Paper Place:

Divine Twine
Handmade Meishi (Japanese for “business card”)
Chevron Bitty Bags
Washi Tape in a wide variety of colours
Envelopes in a range of colours and sizes