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Sunday Afternoon Letter Writing – Jaime Maddalena

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

We are very excited to debut our newest guest blogger, the super talented Jaime Maddalena of Joseph +Jamie Photography and Send More Mail.  Also by Jaime, wonderful vintage stamp packs available in store!  We are having trouble keeping the basket of stamps full!

This past week, Jaime came by the shop and picked out some of the most wonderful papers and stationery items that we have to offer. Waxed brown paper envelopes and polka-dot origami papers are featured in her letter writing…so lovely!  Enjoy…   – Judith

Send More Mail1

Sunday afternoons have been declared letter-writing time in my home lately.  I usually surround myself with lots of pretty paper, envelopes, tape, glue, stamps and my trusty old typewriter – it was actually my mom’s eighth grade graduation gift and still going strong!  Last weekend resulted in some darn cute letters going out in translucent wax paper bags sealed with polka dot tape.  As always, I used vintage stamps to make up 59 cents worth of postage.  Some of my favourite stamps are these 12 cent schooners from 1977!

Since I’m a big lover of lists here are some of my favourite springtime things:

– Pink tulips in the planters in front of my building.
– Anything polka dot.
– Daytripping.
– Reading in the park.
– Riding around town on my vintage green bicycle.

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Please, please, please…write more letters!!!