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Sonya Sheats

Monday, March 12th, 2012

I recently came across the work of an inspiring artist named Sonya Sheats. Sonya practices fine French Bookbinding. Using traditional techniques, she incorporates very modern design and materials such as paper, cloth, leather and wood into her handcrafted bindings. When i think of bookbooking, I usually think of it more as a craft or a very traditional skill, so it’s refreshing to see someone treat it as a contemporary art form. Her work is amazing and truly unique.

^ Cross-structure binding in Chagrin goatskin.

^ Cross-structure binding in Chagrin goatskin.

^ Full embossed leather binding with colored foil tooling.

^ Full buffalo leather binding with decor in salmon skin.

^ Full Oasis goat leather with decorative tooling.

^ Full embossed leather binding.

Visit Sonya here to see more samples of her work!


The Not-Papers

Sunday, August 7th, 2011


Some of our most intriguing art materials are papers that are not really papers at all.

We carry a very thin Japanese wood veneer mounted on a piece of blue paper causing the wood to appear tinted.  There is a sheet of paper-backed cork slices as well, and a selection of more substantial wood veneers in both single or double sided.  One of the earliest man-made writing surfaces is papyrus reeds, woven together and pounded into a solid sheet, of which we have several varieties.

All of these are terrific for texture in multimedia collage or design projects!



Last Minute Gift Tags and Tree Ornaments

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Do you like to add that special handmade touch, but are running out of time?  Make it happen with these last minute gift tags and tree ornaments.  They look great, are easy to make and only require a few supplies.  Here is how to do it!

Come by the Paper Place and grab some Divine Twine/bakers twine, wooden tags, a craft knife, a few rolls of washi tape and you will be ready to go.  Line up the washi tape across the wood piece with some excess hanging over.  You can do whatever design or pattern you like!

Once you have finished one side of the wood, flip it over.  Use your craft knife to trace around the edge of the wood, cutting off the excess tape as close as you can.  Do the second side in the same way.  If you are making a tag, it is a good idea to leave some wood exposed to write on.

Add a small piece of your Divine Twine and tie it off.  You are done, that was easy!

Tie them on a package, hang them on the tree or slip one inside a card for a little surprise.

Happy Holidays and Happy Crafting!


November Paper of the Month – It’s Wood!

Thursday, November 11th, 2010


This wood veneer ‘paper’ is a great new addition to The Paper Place collection.  It is available in 3 types: maple, oak, and walnut.  It is flexible and easy to cut with scissors or a craft knife.  Sheets come sized 24X24″ or 5.5X8.5″, single-sided or double-sided.

Just think of all the crafting potential!  We have made them into classy little tags using rubber stamps, ribbon, and twine that we sell in-store.  They are perfect to give with a gift, mark a table setting, or hang as an ornament.  However, we are certain that all of you artists and designers will find its possiblilities intriguing!!!